High Adventure Awards

Listed below are just a few of the many High Adventure Awards available. A more complete listing is available in the book "High Adventure Awards", which can be purchased from the Southern Sierra High Adventure Team. Please call Cindy Basham at (661) 834-2415 if you want to buy a copy. The General Requirements apply to all awards unless specifically exempted.

General Backpacking Awards

20-night Camper Award
50-miler Award
Hard Back Award
Weekend Hike Awards
Historic Trails Award
Seven League Boot Award
Three-Day Backpack
Training Hike

Snowcamping Awards

Polar Bear
Snow Hike
Snow Camper

Specific Peak and Trail Awards

14,495 Club
Domeland Trail (awarded by Southern Sierra Council)
Golden Trout Trail (awarded by Southern Sierra Council)
Kern Plateau Trail (awarded by Southern Sierra Council)
Los Padres Trails
Monarch Trail (awarded by Southern Sierra Council)
Mt. Baden Powell
Mt. Whitney Trail (awarded by Southern Sierra Council)
Paiute Trail (awarded by Southern Sierra Council)
Sierra Nevada Backpacker

Awards for Unexpected Events

Puddle Duck

To obtain High Adventure awards:

  • At least one adult on the High Adventure activity needs to have taken the High Adventure Leader Training (also known as the Outdoor Leader Awareness course).

  • Prior to the activity, obtain the special three-part tour permit for High Adventure activites, fill it out (be sure to include your Outing Leader certification number), and turn it in. The first part of the form goes to the Southern Sierra council office, the second part to Cindy Basham at (661) 834-2415 (she is the High Adventure Team contact person), and the third part is for your own unit records.

  • Prior to the activity, turn in a pre-trip report, along with the High Adventure part of the tour permit, to Cindy Basham.

  • After the activity, turn in your post-trip report and patch request to Cindy Basham.

  • For more information, please contact Cindy Basham at (661) 834-2415 or email her at cbasham@bak.rr.com


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