Los Padres Trails Award

(Los Padres Council)



  1. Take two (2) Training Hikes and two Weekend Hikes in the same Scout year.

  2. An overnight backpack trip of approximately (12) hours (round-trip) scheduled backpack hiking time on a trail behind the locked gates of Los Padres National Forest.

  3. The unit, including all adults, are to hike the trail, and all gear must be packed in. The hike is to be into a primitive camp, using roads and fireebreaks only when required. The camp may have water, a latrine and stoves.

  4. Take adequate notes and map comments for use in preparing hike reports.

  5. Submit hike reports with application for award.

  6. Comply with the General Requirements.

  • This patch award is sponsored by the Los Padres Council and may be obtained through the Southern Sierra High Adventure Team (HAT).


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