Three-Day Backpack Award

(Orange County Council)



  1. Comply with the General Requirements.

  2. Have previously earned two Training Hike Awards.

  3. Make an backpack of 12 hours scheduled backpack time in 3 consecutive days and nights.

  4. Camp in two (2) separate campsites in the backcountry or primitive areas. Campsites must be at least 2-1/2 hours scheduled backpack time from both the trailhead and the pick-up point.

  5. Violation of any U.S. Forest Service, or National Park, or State Park regulations immediately disqualifies the ENTIRE group.

  6. At least one adult must have completed a Backpack Training course.

  • This patch award is sponsored by the Orange County Council and may be obtained through the Southern Sierra High Adventure Team (HAT).


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