Climbing and Rappelling Resources


Climbing and Rappelling Instruction
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Handouts for HAT Climbing Course

Agenda for 2003 Class Lecture (PDF file)

Climb On Safely Guidelines (PDF file)

Climbing Wall Standards - ACCT (PDF file)

Grading Systems for Climbing Routes (PDF file)

Knots for Climbers (PDF file)

Summary of UIAA Standards (online version)

Summary of UIAA Standards (PDF file)


Other Resources

Climbing Grades

Climbing Merit Badge Requirements (PDF file)

Dictionary of Climbing Terms (PDF file)

Fact Sheet on Scouting and Climbing (PDF file)

Glossary of Climbing Terms (PDF file)

Rope System Analysis (PDF file)




ABCs of Rock Climbing

ACCT Climbing Wall Standards

China Lake Mountain Rescue Group

Rock Climbing Equipment and Techniques



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