Indian Lore



Indian Cultures
of the
Southern San Joaquin and Surrounding Areas





History of Native Americans in the San Joaquin Valley
    History of Fort Tejon
    Seven Villages of the Tejon Indians
    Tejon Indian Reservation & Treaty of 1851
    Tule River Indian War
Myths and Legends
    Chumash Creation Story
    Yokuts Creation Story
    Yowlumne Myths
Neighbors of the Wolf People
    Chumash (the people of the Coast)
        Chumash Pictograph sites
        Chumash Creation Story
    Kawaiisu (the people of Tehachapi Valley)
        Kawaiisu of Tomo-Kahni State Park
    Tubatulabal (the people of the Mountains)
    Maps of Yokuts Neighbors
Pictographs and Bedrock Mortars
Yokuts Indian Web Sites (A great link with lots of sites)x
Yowlumne Tribe of Bakersfield
    The Wolf People and the Village of Woilo
    Map of Yokuts Territory
    Yokuts Creation Story
    Yokuts Tule Grass Houses
    Yokuts Edible Plants
    Yokuts Food
    Tulumne Yokuts of the Westside Tar Pits

Supplies for Making Regalia


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