20-, 40- 60- 80- and 100-night Camper Awards

(Orange County Council)


These awards are available to any registered member of the Boy Scouts of America who meets all of the award requirements.


  1. Camp the required number of nights. This is defined as living and sleeping in a tent, or "under the stars" away from permanent human habitation.

  2. This award is retroactive to January 1, 1976.

  3. The High Adventure Award form is not required. This award may be purchased directly "over the counter" at the Scout Shop.

  4. This is a "cumulative" award and may be earned in conjunction with other High Adventure Awards.

  5. The award is available in increments of 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 nights.

  6. All camping must be an official scout outing, covered by a B.S.A. Tour Permit.

  • This patch award is sponsored by the Orange County Council and may be obtained through the Southern Sierra High Adventure Team (HAT).

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