Snow Camper Award

(Desert Pacific Council)



  1. Camp overnight in a primitive campsite or Scout Camp in 2" of snow or more, cooking supper and breakfast at the campsite.

  2. Before going on the Snow Camp, both adults and youth shall receive training in snow and winter camping; the training to be given by an adult with snow camping experience.

  3. The training will cover the following:

    1. Frost Bite, what is it? The cause, prevention and First Aid.

    2. Hypothermia, what is it? The cause prevention and First Aid.

    3. Snow Blindness, what is it? The cause prevention and First Aid.

    4. The "layer system" of keeping warm.

    5. High-calorie winter menus and snacks for winter camping.

    6. Snow camp layout, including proper methods of setting up tents in the snow and cooking on snow.

  4. Personal and group clothing and equipment shall be checked just before leaving for the Snow Camp to be sure that both youth and adults have adequate clothing, which shall include: thermal underwear, wool shirt and/or wool sweater (NOT a cotton sweatshirt), wool socks, boots at least 6" high, sunglasses, wool gloves or mittens, warm headgear with protection for the ears, tentage, waterproof groundcloth (6 mil plastic OK), sleeping pad, adequate sleeping bag, etc.

  5. Group equipment shall include at least one (1) rapid-heating chemical stove.

  6. Turn in a comprehensive report, written by youth of Snow Camp experience with the High Adventure Award form.

  7. Comply with the General Requirements.

  • This patch award is sponsored by the Desert Pacific Council and may be obtained through the Southern Sierra High Adventure Team (HAT).


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