How to tie a Turks Head
(also known as the Woodbadge woggle)

Place the cord around three fingers of your left hand, with the palm up. The working end of the cord is labeled "X" and the stationary end is "Y".

Bring end X over Y as shown in Figure 2, then wrap end X around the back of your hand.

Thread end X over the green strand, then under Y, which is the yellow strand in Figures 2-3.

Turn your hand over, so that the palm is facing down.

Pull the green strand in Figure 5 over the yellow strand to form a criss-cross loop.

Thread end X under the yellow strand in Figure 6, and through the criss-cross loop already formed.

Thread end X over the green strand in Figure 7.

Thread end X back under the yellow strand in Figure 8, completing the steps begun in Figure 6.

Let go of end X, then take end Y and tuck it under the yellow stand and alongside of end X.

The Turks head knot is formed by following end X along side of strand Y, so that the braided strands run parallel to each other, in much the same way as the water knot is tied.

It usually is necessary to take in the slack from time to time so that there will be enough cord at the end to complete the knot. Continue threading until there are three parallel strands in the knot.

Adjust the strands so that the knot looks neat, and to adjust the size of the central hole so that it slides over the ends of a neckerchef.

Here is an animated version
of how to tie it.


Perhaps these pictures make more sense



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