Extra Gear for Winter Camping
(in addition to ten essentials and backpack gear)


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keep your feet dry

____ leather shoes or snow pacs are best

    • tennis shoes are not recommended!

____ wool socks instead of cotton ones

    • bring at least two extra pairs (they get wet)

____ plastic bags (over socks) for vapor barriers on feet (helps keep feet dry)

____ gaiters (highly recommended)

keep your clothes dry (goretex or polartec can substitute for wool)

____ wool pants are better than cotton jeans

____ wool sweaters and/or shirts

____ long underwear (polypro, capilene, or wool instead of cotton)

____ parka and/or nylon windbreaker and ____ (optional) nylon windpants

keep your head and hands warm

____ wool mittens are better than ski gloves

    • bring an extra pair in case the first gets wet
    • glove liners add warmth

____ wool hat (70% of heat loss is through head)

protect yourself from the sun

____ suntan lotion (SPF 30 or greater)

____ chapstick with sunscreen in it (recommended)

____ sunglasses (an absolute must!)

stay warm at night

____ sleeping pad or therm-o-rest (two pads are warmer than one)

____ wool blanket on top of bag adds extra warmth (or get a bivouac sack)


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