The Ten Essentials

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Any time a Scout goes on a camping trip or hike, he needs be prepared by carrying the following ten essential items in his pack. These essentials will allow a scout to survive in the outdoors in most emergency situations.


The ten essentials are:

____ water bottle or canteen (with water in it!)

____ extra food (trail mix works great)

____ extra clothing (wool sweater, fleece, or a parka)

____ rain gear (a disposable poncho or garbage bag at minimum)

____ first-aid kit (see checklist below)

____ map and compass

____ matches (in waterproof case) and fire starter (cotton or candle in film can)

____ pocketknife

____ sun protection (sunscreen and/or hat)

____ flashlight with good batteries

and of course there is the eleventh essential:

____ toilet paper (in zip-lock plastic bag)


First-aid Kit

____ Band-Aids
____ chapstick
____ gauze pads and ____ tape
____ antiseptic
____ moleskin and ____ needle
____ insect repellent
____ Aspirin or Advil (optional)

The Outdoor Code

As a Scout, I will do my best to
Be clean in my outdoor manners,
Be careful with fire,
Be considerate in the outdoors, and
Be conservation minded.


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Checklist for going camping or backpacking

Individual Items:

____ ten essentials (see ten essentials checklist) and ____ toilet paper

____ backpack (duffel bag O.K. if car camping) and ____ pack cover

____ sleeping Bag and ____ pad (or air mattress)

____ ground cloth or bivouac sack (if no tent)

____ cup and ____ bowl

____ spoon and ____ fork

____ rope or 3mm cord (25 ft or more for bear and racoon bags)

____ extra socks

____ large plastic garbage bags (at least two)

____ soap (ivory, Dr. Bonners, or biodegradable)

____ small towel

____ toothbrush and ____ toothpaste

____ scout handbook

____ long-sleeve shirt and ____ windpants (or sweatpants)

____ swim suit (optional) and ____ Tevas, boat shoes, or water socks (optional)

____ dark glasses (optional)

____ food bag (optional - but don't use your sleeping bag stuff sack to hang food in!)

group items (to be shared by two or more campers):

____ group first aid kit

____ tent (donít forget the items below)

____ poles     ____ tent stakes     ____ ground cloth (for tent)

____ cook gear (pots, spatula), ____ stove, and ____ (optional) brillo pad

____ water filter (remember they break) and ____ Iodine tablets (Giardia is everywhere)

____ trowel (youíll need it for latrine duty)


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