Challenge Course Technology

ACCT Standards Information for Challange Courses
(including climbing walls)

The Association for Challenge Course Technology maintains a set of standards which detail common and recommended practices in challenge course construction, inspection and operation. These standards are available to any interested parties, by simply filling out the form below, and submitting this to the ACCT Membership office, with the appropriate payment.

The cost of a single copy of the ACCT Challenge Course standards is $25 USD (includes domestic or international postage). A discount is provided for those ordering more than 20 copies of the standard. Please inquire about discount rates for multiple copies.

The current edition of the Standards is the 5th Edition, dated January 2002
As a reminder, a copy of the ACCT Challenge Course standard is included with every membership.

Payment: Make checks payable to ACCT and send to the ACCT Membership Office. For payment by credit card, please provide your credit card number and expiration date on the standards order form and fax this information to the Membership office.


ACCT Membership Office
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